My First Job: Day One @ Crisis Text Line

Fourteen months ago, I came across the New Yorker article, “R U There?” I learned about Crisis Text Line, a life-saving organization on a mission to provide support to those in crisis. I applied to be a volunteer crisis counselor, spent forty hours training, and began taking conversations by the end of 2015. I had embarked on the most transformational experience of my life.

On December 20th of last year, I hit my one-year anniversary as a crisis counselor, completing our volunteer commitment of one four-hour counseling shift each week for a year. I spent more than 240 hours on the platform, conversing with 200+ individuals in crisis.

On that exact same day just over a month ago, I was offered a position to join Crisis Text Line’s Data Science team. I was beyond words seeing my passion for Data Science intersect with my dedication to Crisis Text Line’s mission; it was pure magic.

Today I am in New York, midway through my first day of work. I will be here for two weeks before returning to San Francisco to be a part of our growing West Coast team.

I am grateful to have this tremendous opportunity to drive impact as both a volunteer and a full-time employee at this life-saving organization. I worked tirelessly to earn this position. Now, with a heart full of warmth and a mind brimming with curiosity, the real work begins.

Special thanks to all of my family, friends, and mentors who helped make this dream possible.

Much love,


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I grew up in a small town called Orinda, about 20 minutes to the East of San Francisco. Naturally curious, eager to learn, intuitively organized and empathically geared – I strive to make conscious decisions to drive impact. My mind never stops working. Whether in the classroom, professional environments, volunteering capacities or personal hobbies, I enjoy thinking critically about my surroundings and problem solving to find solutions.

4 thoughts on “My First Job: Day One @ Crisis Text Line

  1. Scotty. You have always been destined for greatness! Your kindness and compassion will forever change others’ lives. Thank you for giving of yourself in order to help others. Magical and beautiful!

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