IMG_5822I am a value-driven Bay Area native focused on leveraging data to communicate stories and inform decision-making. I think deeply about each decision I make in life; rigorously analyzing the pros and cons of every possibility. This approach frames my mission in life: to find fulfillment and to drive impact.

  • Fulfillment is the sense of pride I carry in my work. Answering the questions such as: am I proud to go to work each day? Is what I’m doing today, going to get me where I want to go tomorrow? And, am I using my time to best of my ability?
  • Impact is the sense of how my work affects my team, company and the world at large. I ask myself: how does my work support those around me? What is the greater purpose of my responsibilities? Is there a way I can be doing more for the people, groups and communities around me?

The search for fulfillment and impact drive my decisions, both personal and professional, in life. There are so many things I still have yet to learn, but I hope this approach will help me gravitate towards the companies, relationships, experiences and so on where I am meant to be.